Saturday, 28 May 2011

The way of the Peaceful Warrior

Tony Alva legend from Lords of dogtown speaks out about what life is about.

Pass The Bucket with Tony Alva from Off The Wall TV on Vimeo.

Peace and Love

Friday, 27 May 2011


Mother nature is not blowing at us today so it is relax time, sun is shining just had a nice greek salad at the restaurant and now i am sitting at Pro center just relaxing in the shadow chekkin some internet stuffss.... On Sunday my good friend Marcus Stering is coming down with nice camera gear and we will start shoot my first part here from Prasonisi with some nice lifestyle and kite vid. On my ears i have Lil wayne rappin me bout love and universe nice stuff.

Five little birds just came sitting next to me chillin , nice stuff !

Peace And Love

travelstories !

Anton started flippin out and just in time for the summer we will be pumping out videos that makes all our year as one whole trip :D Startin in my Room December 19th after my birthday eNJOI!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Max Relax

Raining here in Prasonisi for the moment, maybe a storm is coming in :) The body has to relax 2 sometimes..

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Published #3

It is also fun i was named in the latest IKSurfmag issue #26 :)

Published #2

Our article from Phillipinnes is finally up ! Search Magazine is a cool wind sport magazine with over 25 000 + readers, It is free to get the newest issue at your closest surfstore or T-12 Clothing store and some other places.

Enjoy it on : http://searchmagazine.se/digital/index/29/read

I miss my friend Anton <3

This evening i go for nice minded sunset session

Published #1

Costas a the biggest tourist community for youths here on Rhodos published me on their blog today :) It is in Swedish but Enjoy Reading :)

Link :


Island runner

Yesterday was amazing session , the wind is really on all day long so i decided to get some nice relief for my sore muscles and yah so i went to Rhodos town for some Voltaren creme. Ohlala it helps :) By Lunch i am going back to Prasonisi for an awesome evening session ! We are starting shooting vids now me and Karolina :)

Projects Upcoming now: Raley Nosegrab Wrapped
Tweaked lowmobe
Non inverted Slim
Indy Blind Judge AL Style


Monday, 23 May 2011

Wonderful Day !

Beautiful day me and Karolina have been riding aaaalll dayy looong , kiting , filming , kiting , chillin , wonderful !!

We are also part in the teaser for mega kite party June 4 :D haha funny They are throwing up the sickest party in Gennadi on a hotel and everyone is invited ! Come here quick if you can :D

Internet is running out, Peace !

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Praso 2 the nisi

Ok surfah and dudas so i have been trough a lot this week and i really got loads of life experience, which is good, and not bad so it will stay good :)

Being on Rhodos not kiting couple days really made me realize how much i love this sport. Friends on the water, nice kites, sun is shining and the wind is on all day long , no stress session "(ostressat)" .. lovely

Back here in Prasonisi the sun have been shining all day and we had super smooth nice wind all day long.

Friend Karolina Winkowska " is here kicking ass staying least another 2-3 more weeks! It is so much fun to ride with here because she is really pushing on the water and she is not scared for anything when she is out there ! We will try to make a ghetto slider park here when it will be no windy. We will se what we can find out and hopefully we will shoot some nice vid 2 !

I am totally tired, my eyes are going in crosses., time to go my sleep, i am really exhausted and tomorrow another beautiful day is waiting :) love mikey

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


In rhodos town, no where them no windy dhays in prasso. Chillin with nice friend soon time ride again :) Weather is awesome super to hooot, i love water.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Prasonisi Love

Spent 2 beatiful days here on Rhodos. I have been hanging out with good friends in Rhodos town, i used to work there with my BFF Anton 2009 ! Ribba and Emelie are 2 really nice guys and they let me stay on their couch :)

We have been eating nice food, chilling , painting a bike , disco-disco and talked nice memories. I also met a very special person

I was really surprised when i was about to get my ticket to Prasonisi , The bus starts to go there in June , but everything always gets well and Krystof , owner of Prasonisi center picked me up in Genadi .

Afternoon i arrived to Prasonisi, i but my new MTV crib up we all could feel it was magic in the air as we prepared our stuff for a evening session. There were like 25-30 knots with 3 meter beautiful waves, it was amaaaazing x10...

Thank you so much my sponsors making everything possible.

Now i am in Light House , i just had a really nice dinner and im gonna go sleep in my new 5 star villa. ;)

I met this super nice dawg, She´s name is Shila and she is 6 years old , we played and then when i left i gave her a wood stick for present, she got really happy and gave me a high five !

Thank you for reading. Love mikey

Waiting in Gennadi for pick up to Prasonisi

Monday, 9 May 2011


Quiver packed, just waiting for tomorrow to buy the last minute ticket. This summer will be Epic in Prasonisi, the action will for sure be there- all them friends and riders Anton Lilljegren , Michael Zenathy , Ron van der staay , Johnno Scholte , Karolina Winkowska and Luke Whiteside will be there this summer ripping harder than ever :) legend.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Just spent the 2 longest weeks ever, i have been hangin out in the sun (no wind) with nice friends playing soccer and longboarding.
Today i took my stitches away and im happy :) today good friends from gothenburg will visit me in my home town Kungsbacka.
I also found out that if i would be a dog i would like to be a golden labrador retriever
Peace and love