Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Phillipines CWC

Hi all kiters and lovers now me finally go Manila to hook up with ma matey Anton :D i am leaving for the airport,
We go ride and skate in CWC and check The Wind or No Wind event out www.windornowind.com i have been stoked for it since i heard about it first time, there will be so sick riders there !

Then we go play in Boracay ,Tom Court is for sure throwing up some sick parties at his event.

I have ticket home in end of march, will se what comes then laters around. :)

Never had a sick super light quiver packed with for a 4 month trip like this

new 2012 Primes 7m2,9m2,11m2
new clothes from my friends earphones.se
new kite/cable board to shred from Aboards
3kg clothes only :D